ForteNatura ToBios

Herbal syrups for infants and children

The ToBios line consists of 4 specific preparations based on honey, propolis, royal jelly and herbal extracts coming from organically grown crops and acting in synergy.

ToBios syrups have an agreeable taste, making them pleasant for everybody. Easy to administer to infants and children.



Nutritional imbalance, tiredness, lethargy

Based on Royal Jelly and plant extracts from Fenugreek, Rose Hip and Oats, Tobios ENERGIA is ideal for compensating an unbalanced diet, strengthens the body and provides energy. Ideal when you’re feeling lethargic and tired, have lost your appetite or need high levels of attention.



Restoring sleep, hyperactivity

Based on Eschscholtzia Californica, Lemon Balm and Lime, ToBios CALMA encourages natural rest for the body, favouring relaxation. Also suitable for hyperactive kids.



Defence against coughs and colds

Based on Propolis, Echinacea, Willow and Elderberry, ToBios DIFESA is your perfect ally to combat those seasonal disorders and to boost your body’s natural immunity.


ToBios TUX

Relief and well–being for the respiratory tract

Based on Propolis, Grindelia, Mallow and Lime, ToBios TUX immediately helps fight irritation in the respiratory tract caused by coughs. Protects and unblocks the nose and throat.

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